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We provide various opportunities for community members to be a part of our mission which includes donating items, hosting computer drives, sponsorship, and contributing funds to our active campaigns. We are grateful to all of our donors over the years who have contributed to our mission.

Donate Items

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We Accept the Following Items:

• Funds that cover our administrative and shipping costs

• Computers that are located near or can be shipped to Indianapolis, Indiana

• LCD projectors, printers, etc.

• Portable devices (Tablets, ipads, etc.)

• Working Hard drives, Large RAM, etc

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

~Nelson Mandela

Our Mission


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Send one laptop to a school

Computer Sponsor

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School  Sponsor

Send 10 laptops to create a computer lab in a school


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Container Sponsor

Send 300 computers to connect 3,000 students in 30 schools



Host A Computer Drive


Unusable equipment is turned over to RecycleForce, Inc., a non-profit which trains ex-offenders to break down and recycle the component parts.

We Help Your Organization:

Provide flyers, presentations, signs, and other marketing materials
• Facilitate planning meetings
• Share on Facebook, Instagram, and the Wings Website
• Organize and plan the logistics of collecting and sorting equipment before and during the drive
• Provide tax donation forms to donors
• Arrange for the prompt removal of all equipment at the end of the drive

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We Welcome Your Support Today!

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